- Investment Bankers, of Christchurch New Zealand. Act as a bridge for overseas investors and trading companies seeking out and matching suitable investment opportunities that will not only bring benefits to the investor but also to New Zealand.
- Suppliers of Venture Capital and funding for a full range of projects in any part of the world.
- Has a mix of advisors based in New Zealand, with a wealth of international experience in finance, accounting, marketing, business immigration and investment advisory services.
- Is poised to work with investors and to provide a range of advisory services in both New Zealand and China.
- Directors' expertise covers all parts of Asia, Africa as well as Australia and New Zealand.
- Has the expertise to seek out joint venture partners in China for western businesses.
- Can provide clients with corporate, trade and legal representation in China, Europe, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and West Africa.
- A worldwide corporate member of a trust which is dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible leadership.

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