FCS Group Ltd. - Investment Bankers, Joint Ventures, Business & Trade Advisors for New Zealand, Australia, and Asia Pacific regions.

I.   Head Office:

New Zealand - FCS Group Ltd (FCS)

II.   International Offices:

1. China - FCS China Ltd & FCS Pacific Ltd - office network throughout China.
China Head Office based in Beijing

Associate of Hi-Tech International Business Incubator Co. Ltd.
2. Europe - FCS Europe offices in Berlin and Zurich
3. Middle East - FCS Middle East office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
4. Asia - FCS South East Asia - office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5. Africa - FCS Africa Ltd - office in Bangui, Central African Republic Established to provide services for our developing trade and investment linkages in this region

Associate Companies - New Zealand I P International Ltd Advisors in the development of new technologies in recognised fields in the international marketplace.
New Zealand Education Group Ltd - international education consulting


Email: Bruce Ullrich, Managing Director

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