FCS Consulting group of companies specializes in Investment in New Zealand, and providing business services. Current investments include property, high tech projects, software projects, tourism, forestry and many more. We also work with associated Companies in the marketing of New Zealand's intellectual property and education.

FCS has been trading since 1975.

- Venture Capital
- Equity and business
- International business networks
- International experience
- International strategies
- International expertise
- Full range of businesses for sale over US$1 million
- Professional management
- Business advisors
- Corporate and trade in China, South East Asia, Europe, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and West Africa

The Ten Most Important Reasons to Base Your Business in New Zealand

The Ten Most Important Reasons to Base Your Business in New Zealand NZ

"New Zealand has retained its top ranking as a nation free of corruption. In this year's results from an annual survey made by Transparency International, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden tied for first place." NZ Herald, 24th September, 2008
"New Zealand has again been ranked third in the world in the annual Economic Freedom of the World report. Hong Kong continues its reign as the most economically free region on the globe, followed by Singapore." NBR, 29th September, 2008
"...New Zealand has topped the list as the most entrepreneurial country for the last three years running."
- From The London Business School survey conducted of more than 40 countries

The World Bank for 2005 rates New Zealand the top country in the world out of 145, as a place for doing business. It continues to rank in the world.

- from an article by a Swiss Investment Banker (2007)

- New Zealand's fantastic food and natural products industries and a high quality, cost competitive science sector, were key drivers in a decision to invest
- New Zealand has a wealth of naturally derived compounds and its track record of good science
- ...running a business in New Zealand is half the cost of the US
- New Zealanders are great people and their management of businesses is world class - there are NZer's running large corporations in many parts of the world

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